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by OlegPsv
Jul 7, 2010
2:16 PM

Being evaluated

StreamWriterCache.NormalizePath extended to expand EnvironmentVariables .
Allows usage of variable based absolute paths like %temp%, %appdata%, %AllUsersProfile% etc.
Path hierarchy creation


by broec
Oct 7, 2009
6:21 AM

Being evaluated


I've created a patch based on buid 31879 from Aug 12. The patch modifies 4 Files.

Now it's possible to use any database as SQLTraceListener. The database driver only has to inherit from the System.Data.Common Classes. The most DB drivers do so, e.g. the built in SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC and OLE drivers.

I now use Oracle as my logging database and it works very well.

I've added 2 additional files, which you can include in the source:
- An example App.Config, which includes the important parts for the Oracle DB access.
- The LogStoreOracle.sql creates the table at the Oracle server.

As you can see in both files, I've already included some additional logging parameters, as I've implemented and described them in an earlier discussion topic.

Can you please review and add the modified files to the Source?

Kind regards
Christian Broennimann


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