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Best options to view logs

May 2, 2008 at 1:49 AM
Edited May 2, 2008 at 1:29 PM
I really like what you are doing here. We have a corporate group that has designated that we must use log4net for our logging, but after working on an extensive WCF project and all of the trouble we had trying to manage logs across 20 services, I would rather we use the System.Diagnostics tracing so we can get the WCF and application traces all in one log. I am beginning to get momemtum to make this change, but I am trying to find the best log viewer to use.

I love the idea of the SqlTraceListener. I think we could use this to combine traces from the client through all of the services. But the one thing missing is an app to view the traces in the database. Do you know of anything? If there is an Open Source project that is in the making, I could probably get resources from our company to help with the project.

Rob Cannon
May 10, 2008 at 10:37 AM
Hi Rob,

I'm glad you like the project. The only 'OOB' application I'm aware of designed to read logs in a database is l4ndash. This is actually designed for log4net (so it might be useful to you even if you stick with log4net) but I believe it's configurable and can read most logging data, irrelevant of which engine logged the events.

I do have another project that reads logging data from a database (or other source) but it's for the purposes of visualisation. I should be posting about this in the next few months so keep an eye on my blog ( and drop me a mail if you'd like a preview.

Also, I think SQL Reporting Services would be a great way of delivering the content you'd need in some kind of logging dashboard. You can could even configure a subscription so it e-mails you a report of the errors that occured in your system the previous day (or hour.... etc).

Please feel free to drop me a mail at jtwist at if you'd like to discuss any of this (there is no way I know of to receive a notification when somebody posts to a codeplex discussion so I have to remember to check in).


PS - I'm about to blog about using Ukadc.Diagnostics with System.ServiceModel so stay tuned :)
Jan 6, 2011 at 6:02 PM


  Did you ever do anything with the visualization tool?  I searched your blog for "Visual" but didn't see anything.

Neal Walters